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Expanded opening night

Thank you very much to everyone who attended our opening night for Expanded. It was particularly lovely to have the support of Julie Fragar, Jenny Watson, Sally Molloy, Paul Bai and Angela Goddard, as well as that of friends, family and members of the general public. We have received many positive comments on the show, which is very useful feedback for the artists as we begin a new year of art-making.

Jennifer Hudson, Contract and Expand (Expanded)

Jennifer Hudson, Natalie Lavelle, Chris Underwood, Ingrid Bartkowiak, Perrin Millard, Genevieve Memory, Jenna Nortje

Ingrid Bartkowiak & Jenna Nortje, Chasing Light (installation and window performance)

Genevieve Memory, Abstract Painting; Genevieve Memory, Envelope Poems; Perrin Millard, What we See, What we Feel and What we Know, What we Imagine (on floor)

Opening night guests

Jennifer Hudson & Natalie Lavelle, Untitled; Natalie Lavelle, Untitled series and My Minimalist Boyfriend No.2

Genevieve Memory, Perrin Millard & Chris Underwood, Substance (This is not a wardrobe); Chris Underwood, Documentation for Substance

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