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In its forever home!

I recently had the pleasure of installing my portrait Bronwyn as Emilie from the Centenary series, 2018, in its forever home. The subject and new owner of the portrait is my sister, Bronwyn Ketels, who works in film and television post production here in Meanjin/Brisbane. Bronwyn has had long career in post production spanning London and Melbourne. She is currently General Manager at The Post Lounge, Woolloongabba.

The Centenary project looked at four Meanjin/Brisbane women creatives working in various arts disciplines including theatre, music, visual art and film. The paintings considered the dress as signifier and appropriated poses from portraits of women by Gustav Klimt, the Austrian Secessionist and symbolist painter. The portraiture series was accompanied by a book of interviews with the women - this publication, entitled Centenary, is held in the State Library of Queensland and National Library of Australia collections.

Bronwyn as Emilie, 2018, installed in its forever home

Varnishing the painting, ready for installation

Thanks to Bronwyn for collaborating on this project.


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