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Gen's abstract paintings and textile works are driven by texture, colour and shape.  Gen's earlier figurative abstract works explore modes of visual perception/ways of seeing - directional blur and soft focus/sfumato are common formal features.  Gen's non-figurative abstract works are textural surface works that explore the inner workings of the mind, aiming to express abstract concepts such as emotional pain and hope.  The work tends to be ambiguous and open, allowing for various readings, and tends to be made in series.  Soft focus/sfumato is common to these works also.

Paperskin series, 2020-2021, oil and oil stick on cradled panel, 50.7 x 40.4 x 1.9cm, hand-stained timber frames, six panels  
 The series considers skin as a metaphor for human vulnerability, offering a way to explore ideas around emotional pain and resilience.

Genevieve Memory_Fragile-bare (diptych).

Fragile/bare (diptych), 2020


Little scars/palimpsest (diptych), 2020

Genevieve Memory_And bones-worn (diptych

And bones/worn (diptych), 2020-2021

Abstract painting, 2017-2021, wool fibre on silk chiffon on linen, 163 x 163 x 5cm approx.
Abstract painting challenges what we know to be true based on what we can see and what has gone before.  Things are not always what they seem.  Challenging the concept of judging according by what we know and can see, especially through the language of clothes, is an underlying theme in Genevieve's practice.

Abstract painting Elizabeth Frank.JPG

Install view Hall and Wilcox Brisbane

Hope is a form of planning and a survival tactic, 2020, found demin jeans and skirt, thread, polyester wadding, canvas, timber, six panels, each panel 51.2 x 46.2 x 5cm approx., installed dimensions 114.5 x 161.5cm
This series was inspired by Gloria Steinem's quote, "Hope is a form of planning".  Please see my Expanded page for more.  

Hope is a form of planning.JPG

Install view Mt Ommaney Library

Envelope Poems, 2017, oil and oil stick on board, 61.2 x 51.2 x 1.2cm, five panels

This series was inspired by snippets of Emily Dickenson's Envelope Poems that express an abstract emotion, mood or idea: "To light and then return/As there are apartments in our own minds/I have no life but this to lead/How much - how little - is within our power/But are not all facts dreams"

Envelope Poems installed.JPG

Install view The Post Lounge, Woolloongabba

Shinkansen I and II, 2017, oil on canvas, each 40.7 x 50.9 x 3.7cm

Shinkensen I and II.JPG

Abstract paintings, prints and photographs 2015-2016

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