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My shiny new egalitarianism

Thank you so much to all the people who took the time to stop by my one-week pop-up show, My shiny new egalitarianism at the Glass Box Gallery, Griffith QCA! I really enjoyed being back on campus and catching up with you all, as working from a home studio can be somewhat isolating. I also really appreciate the feedback you gave me and the discussions we had about the work. For me, an artwork really is not complete until it has met its audience.

This large-scale expanded practice piece is a really good example of what I mean when I describe my practice as inter- and transdisciplinary. It also demonstrates my critiquing and blurring of formal boundaries or labels in visual art - this artwork could be fairly categorised as a painting, a sculpture or even a drawing. I like to think about the critiquing of formal boundaries in my artwork as a metaphor for the critiquing of boundaries or labels in society. I like to look for commonalities between people, rather than focus on any differences that could lead to others being negatively judged or discriminated against.

My shiny new egalitarianism, 2019, acrylic artist's paint, enamel and acrylic house paint, found dresses, found bedsheet, thread, 203 x 230 x 8cm (installation view)

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