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  • Gen Memory

First portrait painting sold!

Today was a significant milestone in my visual art career - I sold and personally delivered my first portrait painting! While I have sold a few other paintings previously, and many prints and photographs, making a sale on a portrait is a huge step for me. My sitter, Margi Brown Ash, was the happy purchaser. This is such a compliment, to have Margi's support and affirmation as a visual arts practitioner. Margi herself is in the performing arts (theatre), therapy and academia.

Margi as Sonja, 2018-19, oil on Belgian linen, 122 x 122 x 3.3cm, from the Centenary series

I actually reworked this painting three times after its initial creation in October 2018. The final reworking, completed only a few days ago, is a more faithful version of Margi, I think. Margi is such a vibrant, energetic, passionate, creative and colourful person. I felt that with a more intense clarity and a clear blue background instead of a neutral one, this version captured her most fully.

Margi at home holding her PhD thesis - which subsequently won an award for Australian performing arts research - sitting in her mother's chair

Margi and Genevieve in conversation

Photography by Terry Memory

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