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Close of artist residency

My residency at Sculptors Qld is coming to a close. You are invited to view the two bodies of work I have created at the closing event on Saturday 14 November from 6:30-8:30pm, or at an open studio session on Sunday 15 November 1-3pm or Monday 16 November 10-12 noon.

I would like to pass on huge thanks to everyone at Sculptors Qld for making me welcome and for supporting my visual art practice with this residency.

The two bodies of work I will be presenting are Object memory poem, an immersive deconstructed self-portrait that considers objecthood and memory as the foundation of my visual art language, and Hope is a form of planning and a survival tactic, which is a textile project made in response to COVID-19 and the other goings on of 2020.


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