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  • Genevieve Memory

Hall & Wilcox Brisbane 2021 Art Show

After around 18 months of planning, curation and a COVID-19 postponement, the Hall & Wilcox Brisbane 2021 Art Show dream finally became a reality on Thursday 20 May. I would like to thank Drew, Sarah, Daniel and all the team at Hall & Wilcox for their support and generosity in regard to this unusual exhibition opportunity that allowed six unrepresented emerging artists to exhibit free of charge in this beautiful CBD office space for four weeks. One hundred percent of any sales made go directly to the artists, with freight of the works included free of charge. The line-up of artists in this show is very diverse and includes multiple identities across sex, gender, ethnicity, age and ability. The next art show that Hall & Wilcox Brisbane will put on will be one hundred percent First Nation's artists.

Hall & Wilcox Brisbane 2021 Art Show artists with Brisbane office managing director Drew Castley:

Frank Nordmann, Drew, Ruby Yeh, Perrin Millard, Luba Chekhunova, Darcy Williams, myself.

Each of the artists was asked to present a short talk to the assembled opening night crowd of law firm partners, employees, corporate guests and friends. Congratulations to all the artists for their insights into their practices and also their bravery for accepting this public speaking challenge!

Opening night crowd listening to artist talks. My work Ingrid as Mada peeking though

Artwork credits: Perrin Millard's 2D and 3D cloud works to the left and Luba Chekhunova's self-portraits to the right

Frank, Ingrid and Luba in front of Frank's work

Chris Underwood and Luba with my work Abstract Painting, a soft sculptural felted textile piece installed on a curved wall

My portrait of Elizabeth Kingston, Meanjin/Brisbane textile and performance artist, had its first showing on opening night. Elizabeth makes most of her own garments, often upcycling, and formerly ran her own fashion design business. Elizabeth is her own living artwork, transforming the everyday into the extraordinary with fabric and thread.

This pair of works of mine, Little scars/palimpsest (diptych), sold on opening night. This work is from the Paperskin series, which considers skin as a metaphor for human fragility, exploring ideas around emotional pain.

Always good to catch up with my portrait subjects! The lovely Ingrid Bartkowiak, who works in visual art, music and theatre here in Meanjin/Brisbane, was able to make it to opening night to help us celebrate. Artwork credit: cloud work to the left by Perrin Millard

Special thanks to Maddy Draheim who again collaborated with me on a painted dress performance. Maddy is wearing a painted vintage 1990s full length strapless evening dress in shot taffeta. This artwork was originally exhibited as part of a trio of sculptural works suspended in the Window Gallery of the old Pine Rivers Art Gallery. Artwork credits: Frank Nordmann's work to the left and my work The Three Graces to the right

Opening night guests with Perrin Millard's work Mere Real Things to the right

Great the Chris Underwood could come from the Gold Coast to be with us on opening night!

Artwork credit: Frank Nordmann behind and my painted dress worn by collaborator Maddy Draheim

All photo credits this post: Terry Memory

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