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More Hall & Wilcox show images

Here are some install shots of the work curated into the Hall & Wilcox Brisbane 2021 Art Show! For more images of the work and artist statements, please head to each artist's website or Instagram page.

Ceramic artists Ruby Yeh and Claudia De Salvo, with Ruby's work behind

Ruby's work

My work Monument with Ruby's work

Ruby giving her very first artist talk

One of Darcy William's painted assemblages with complimenting sunset and office plants

Darcy's work, with my work Fragile/bare (diptych), and Perrin's work

Perrin's work with Darcy's

Darcy's artist talk

Frank's work

Luba's work, Frank's work and my work The Three Graces and Monument

Perrin's work, my portrait Ingrid as Mada, my work And bones/worn (diptych), and Frank's work

Perrin's work with Luba's four portraits

Luba's work with Perrin's video work

Darcy's work, Luba's work and my work Little scars/palimpsest (diptych)

Perrin's sculptural cloud work

Perrin's artist talk

My felted textile piece Abstract Painting, with my portrait of Elizabeth Kingston at the rear

Thanks to Maddy Draheim who collaborated on this painted dress performance. Frank's work behind with my own

Me with textile and performance artist Elizabeth Kingston and her portrait

Brenda, Perrin and Genevieve - three Meanjin/Brisbane mums who dreamt of abandoning the washing up to forge a career in the visual arts. Brenda, who is an entomologist, now has a full time job in Science. Perrin continues to work part-time as a nurse, but is now also a visual artist, curator and painting tutor. Genevieve, who was a school music teacher, is now a visual artist, curator, writer and composer.

All photos credits for this post: Genevieve Memory


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