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New expanded painting work - Monument

At the start of the year, I tried a new approach to my expanded painting work with women's clothing - hand-sewing the clothes onto a stretched canvas support.

Monument, 2020, gesso and artist's oil paint on found women's clothing and canvas, 137.1 x 152.5 x 3.4cm

The results of this new approach to process are distinctly different to the two previous works on unstretched linen - the clothing 'pops' much more from the background, and I have been able to really capitalise on the transdisciplinary marks that are possible to achieve with oil paint. The finished painting/sculpture looks a lot like a drawing, and the women's top at the bottom right also resembles a solarisation print. I am very pleased to have stumbled across a new way of working that challenges boundaries around media and discipline in visual art, while also challenging ideas around women and gender bias.


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