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  • Gen Memory

Painted dress performance at KEPK

A big thank you to Maddy Draheim who collaborated with me on the recent painted dress performance at KEPK for the group show What Matters!

Vintage black and white dress (Elizabeth meets Jackson), 2019, acrylic house paint on found taffeta and velvet dress, 149 x 73 x 10cm approx.

Performance at KEPK April 2021 for What Matters with collaborator Maddy Draheim.

Shown here with artwork by Perrin Millard (lower left), Sharna Barker (upper left), Sunday Jemmott (centre top) and Perrin Millard (centre right).

With long-time visual art collaborator Perrin Millard, co-curator for What Matters

Painted dress performance (with photo bombers)

What Matters co-curators Perrin Millard and Mark du Potiers

Image credits: Terry Memory


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