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Outside In 2017

Yesterday, Fiona Forrest, St Vincent's Private Hospital Arts Curator, and I hung my new twenty-piece exhibition on Level 2. Exhibiting in a hospital environment is very different to exhibiting in the home or gallery environment. I suppose that the atmosphere is akin to a very busy library - there are always people moving about, the carers at a faster pace than the patients, and there is a sense of seriousness and practicality. The gallery environment is much more hallowed in comparison. The aim of the St Vincent's Outside In artists' program is to bring peace and beauty into the hospital environment in order to benefit the patients as well as the staff. To meet this brief, I include images from nature alongside my more conceptual work.

I have included the physical surroundings of the hospital in these photographs so you can see how the tone of the space differs from a domestic or gallery setting.

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