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Hurford Hardwood Portrait Prize

Thank you very much to all the staff at Lismore Regional Gallery for the opportunity to participate as a finalist in the 2020 Hurford Hardwood Portrait Prize with my isolation self-portrait No judging (me and my curlew gang). It was wonderful to be able to visit the gallery to experience the exhibition in the real and it was an honour to show with so many talented portrait artists, many local and others from all over Australia. It was completely unforeseen that my work would be hanging so close to the overall winning work by local sculpture artist Antoinette O'Brien, or in the same room as works by Loribelle Spirovski or art school friend Rudiger Wasser.

No judging (me and my curlew gang), 2020, oil on linen, 106.9 x 106.9 x 3.3cm - installed at Lismore Regional Gallery as part of the 2020 Hurford Hardwood Portrait Prize

Room view of installation at the 2020 Hurford Hardwood Portrait Prize at Lismore Regional Gallery From left to right: my isolation self-portrait, four works by artists unknown (please see the Lismore Regional Gallery's online catalogue for information about these works), Antoinette O'Brien's winning sculpture work, Loribelle Spirovski's double portrait, Rudiger Wasser's photographic blur portrait

Install view - to give an idea of scale


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