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Tweed Regional Gallery residency

A huge thank you to Ingrid and Susi at Tweed Regional Gallery for the fantastic opportunity of my artist residency in January 2021. The artist in residence studio has been very thoughtfully and practically designed and has a magic view to die for. On my first morning there, I woke up to the sound of cows and calves frolicking in the adjacent field. I managed to pack in a lot into my first day and a half before I unfortunately had to return to Brisbane to complete the three-day lockdown. This included a quick trip down to Lismore to see the Hurford Hardwood portrait prize, where my isolation self-portrait was hanging.

View from artist in residence studio on my first morning

Work in progress on my residency project using doll's clothes to talk about clothing as sign and gender identity

View from the residency verandah - inspiration central

Signatures of previous artists in residence on one corner of the studio floor


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